Setup Files and other Resources

MorphoManager 16.4.2 Version

Before downloading, please read the release notes.
Please also check the compatibility with your database and BioBridge version, if applicable. Security enhancements are described in a technical bulletin.
MorphoManager 16.4.2 - User Manual
MorphoManager 16.4.2 - General Usage - Setup Files
MorphoManager 16.4.2 - Universal BioBridge Integrators Kit Setup

For your information, a New Features version (16.5.0) is also available here.

Enrolment Button for CĀ·Cure BioBridge is available here.

Click here for MorphoManager Activation.

Support Resources

Read online articles on our Knowledge Base.
Download Sh@rePa Portable Assistant for iOS or Android.
From July 1st 2024, access to our Technical Support Hotline for MorphoManager will transition to a billable service. Click here for more information.